Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kay supports Ron (Democrat tax-cheat Kirk, that is).

Kay is supporting Ron Kirk. According to the Dallas Morning News (link), she has stated,
"I have confidence in Ron Kirk [and] I believe he should be confirmed."
Kirk's confirmation hearing was today. The vote is sometime this week, I think.

I also made up this video to test my editing skills a little bit:

When you are making a million dollars a year at V&E, what's a little $10,000 tax problem anyway?

Ron Kirk doesn't sound like a strong free trader to me in the Dallas Morning News (link). Not paying your taxes might not be a "huge deal" anymore, but as a big free trade advocate myself, I cringe when I hear that Kirk is considered moderate (or a straight up free trader) on trade. On policy, the guy doesn't inspire confidence. On his personal finances, he is a tax cheat.

The bad news for Kay: she's going to be supporting another Obama nominee with tax problems.
The good news for Kay: she gets to show off her bipartisan bonafides and cozy up with the Dallas money crowd, which seems to really like Ron Kirk for some reason. He's their very own Obama, I guess.

As for Rick, he can sit this one out and let Kay make a decision she may or may not regret.

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