Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kay will end bad weather...

While Rick has stolen headlines all over the world for his rejection of just a small but significant portion of the Obama stimulus dollars, Kay has countered with something EVEN BIGGER!

The weather.

Kay is going to control the weather.

Texas Insider has the bizarre story, which turns out is just a press release from the Kay camp (link). Excerpt follows:

“We must use sound science to encourage innovation, and cost effective clean energy technologies that can help America reduce greenhouse gases and reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” Senator Hutchison said. “In the last two Congresses, I have introduced legislation on weather modification research. Do you agree Dr. Killeen, that we need to have this kind of tracking and research?”

“Well, let me first fully agree with you that this is a topic that is worthy of a research effort,” said Dr. Killeen.

“As the planet warms, there are greater rates of evaporation from the world’s ocean. There is more latent heat, energy that is produced in the atmosphere, and there are greater levels of water vapor, so the whole hydrological cycle is intensified. That means we get more severe weather at times.

“There was a big effort thirty years ago, as you know, to look at weather modification studies and in some ways, that was premature because we didn’t have the observational tools at that time. We didn’t have the polar-metric radar to look at the cloud condensation nuclei and their shapes and to determine the physical processes that lead to precipitation out of clouds.

“We now have those kinds of capabilities. Aircraft, radars, et cetera. We are much better positioned now than we were thirty years ago to really investigate the physical mechanical processes that drive severe weather events. I think it’s a very important area and of course it’s connected to climate because of this intensification of the hydrologic cycle that I alluded to.”

Dr. Killeen? More like one of my favorite movies growing up, Dr. Strangelove...


Yeah, let's spend a bunch of money on weather modification, based on this Dr. Killeen's testimony. I can't possibly foresee any remotely bad thing coming from that sort of research.

If you think I am kidding about that being a Kay press release, just take a look for yourself (link).

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  1. I love that movie, and that song!


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