Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kay might resign her Senate seat at the end of 2009?

The everlasting Gardner Selby has some scoop on Kay's intentions for the Senate (link). Excerpt follows:

Kibosh: Hutchison nixed a March 17 Roll Call report saying she's not planning to resign while running for governor. She told me she still might resign toward the end of this year — though under law, she can stay put while running for governor.

The Washington paper, she said, "just all of a sudden made a story that wasn't there, which you know has happened before."

Can one of the experts on this stuff help me out, here... if she resigns before or after a certain date, does that impact whether Rick would get to choose her replacement or whether there would be a special session? Can someone feed me the timeline on that? I wonder if that will play into her decision.

UPDATED at 11:23 AM...

Rick vs. Kay reader adds via Twitter...

When Clinton picked Bentsen as Treas Sec, Richards picked Krueger as temp replacement and called special election to fill unexpired term. Which Kay won.

So basically Rick would get to pick a replacement for Kay, but there would still be a special election later on. That's what I am gathering. Would the special election happen at the same time as the general election? I guess that might be up to Rick as well?

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  1. When President Clinton picked Lloyd Bentsen as his treasury secretary in 1993, then-Gov. Ann Richards tapped Bob Krueger as a temporary replacement, then called a special election that May. In fact, that is how Kay Bailey Hutchison became a U.S. Senator.


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