Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rick vs. Kay: border security.

The Trailblazers blog on the Dallas Morning News website has an interesting post about border security and where Rick/Kay stand on it (link).

Excerpt follows:

A day after lawmakers pushed federal officials to do more to combat drug cartels in Mexico, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said military presence on the border needs to be looked at.

"We're not in a war with Mexico. We have the same enemy and that is the drug cartels," Hutchison told reporters today.

"The issue of military on the border has to be looked at very carefully. I'm not ruling it out. But I'm not ruling it in either," Hutchison said.

"Nor has Mexico asked for that," the Texas Republican added.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- the senator's rival in a GOP primary for the governor's seat -- has called for 1,000 reinforcements from Washington, which could include border guards or military personnel.

Is Kay staking out a more moderate position on border security to win Hispanic voters, or is she trying to just be different from Rick for the sake of being different?

As the race goes along, Rick vs. Kay will point out as many issue differences as possible. Email me tips at


The Trailblazers blog has already made an update, likely prompted by a swift call from the Kay press people. Entire update follows:

UPDATE: For the record, Hutchison has pushed for more funding--including a steady stream this year and $100 million last year--for state and local law enforcement along the southern border in drug-trafficking areas and to fight U.S. gun-trafficking networks.

Both projects got a boost in the stimulus bill: $40 million for local agencies and $10 million for Project Gunrunner, which aims to dry up the cartels' arm supply in the U.S.

So in other words, Kay is Rambo when it comes to border security. Or at the very least, Ollie North.

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