Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waltzing into the Capitol and getting a meeting with Rick...

On the Austin American Statesman's blog (link), there is a video of some "Community Now!" activists trying to get in to see Rick. I have no idea what "Community Now!" is all about, and frankly, I don't want to know, but it is pretty funny that they think they can just waltz into the Capitol without an appointment and see ANY elected official, let alone the Governor. Watching the video, it looks like they had not even attempted to get an appointment beforehand. They had no idea there was a scheduling office.

Here is the video:

Rick's press gal is pretty cute and handled the situation pretty well, all things considered. I will say this: as someone who has witnessed how the citizen lobbying process works in more than one town, the more organized you are, the better. Don't ambush an elected official or make it seem like an ambush. Do bring cookies or something to bribe people with. Don't make a scene to try to embarrass the elected official. Do wear something distinguishable to attract attention. Don't show up unannounced. Do make an appointment. Don't try to get a politician to agree to something on the spot or on camera. Do provide facts, figures, and make constructive arguments for your side.

"Community Now!" broke most of these rules, just based on watching this clip.

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  1. i work in the lege right now and i can tell you we are inundated by citizen lobbyists...... some are in awe of the capitol so their nice but some are just angry and on a mission to prove it to everyone they see including staffers.............


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