Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rick vs. Kay: Voter ID.

Gardner Selby of Twitter (and in his spare time, reporter for the Austin American Statesman) recently made a twit that said (link):

Hutchison has no immediate take on voter ID fight. Her camp says: "...she is going to try and stay out of the legislative issues..." #txlege

So Kay is noncommittal on voter ID. Where is Rick on this issue?

He's for voter ID. He even twittered it himself (link) :

Hope everyone who can shows up at the Capitol on Tuesday morning to support Voter ID. #tcot

TwitterBerry, eh? Very interesting. Next time someone sees Rick, see if he's on his crackberry. I wonder if they'll eventually take it away from him like Obama's people took his away. Maybe if he twitters something like "adios mofo" to someone.

"Bad Rick! No more crackberry for you! You are grounded from twitter!"

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  1. WHY ARE WE LETTING ILLEGALS VOTE!?!?! Showing an ID is such a no brainer! It's not racist. It's not hurting anyone. It's protecting the sanctity of our elections, so we can all have confidence in our system.


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