Monday, March 23, 2009

Rick on Austin NBC Sunday Morning.

Rick went on KXAN on Sunday morning for the Jenny Hoff show. It is kind of the Texas version of Meet the Press.

I was not able to catch it live, but @HaoleWahine on Twittter twittered some live updates (link). Thank you to HaoleWahine for that.

Now the entire interview is online.

If you can't watch it on your computer at work, there is a recap online (link). Excerpt follows:

Governor Rick Perry assures Texans that his decision to reject stimulus money is the best decision in the long run. While denying any political motivation, he says he made the decision based on a principled and philosophical basis. Perry does not agree with how the Obama administration is handling the stimulus packages distribution of funds. In fact, he thinks that the 10th Amendment will be brought up soon, which states the relationship between federal and state governing. He says the strings attached offer shows that Washington is overstepping the boundaries by telling states how they must spend the money in an all or nothing deal. The Governor is convinced that the Federal Government is stripping down state rights when they should be leading the states to make their own decisions.

The stimulus money aside, Texas is in a position to make other attempts at recovering from the massive amount of people who are out of work. Governor Perry wants to put an emphasis on creating jobs in Texas and recover from the bruised economy. He is hoping to do this partly by lowering taxes so more businesses will open, creating jobs and increasing the circulation of money.

Money and finances is always a hot button issue, even more so now. Jobless people are in need, but the unsecured border is rising in the ranks of top concerns. The situation along the Texas-Mexico border is increasingly dangerous with an alarming amount of drug trafficking. Governor Perry would like to see that the federal government plays a large role in providing what’s necessary to increase border patrol and make improvements on the dangerous situation.

Finally, the Governor shared his intentions to run for a 3rd term of Governor for the state. When asked if he would like to expand his political career beyond the governorship, Perry responded by saying that being the Texas Governor is the best job in America. He moves forward with confidence as he reflects on the decisions he has made while in office. He notes that he is very proud of Texas, which he feels is headed in the right direction, partly due to his disciplined approach a policy. He finishes by saying that Good policy makes good politics.


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