Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kay busts a cap in NASA nominee.

Struggling here to find any news about Kay this week. Rick has really just overwhelmed her in the news cycle with his rejection of the portion of the stimulus.

I did, however, find a true gem about how Kay is regulating Warren G. style on Obama's NASA nominee (link). Excerpt follows:

Word is that Steve Isakowitz, the frontrunner for the NASA Administrator's job, has been taken down by a group of his opponents on Capitol Hill.

According to Washington insiders and Hill staff, a group of lawmakers led by Florida’s Democratic senior Senator Bill Nelson are taking credit for pushing Isakowitz out of the picture.

Isakowitz is the chief financial officer at the Department of Energy and a former top NASA official. An engineer, he used to work for Lockheed Martin. He was widely considered the White House favorite for the NASA post.

But Nelson and a group of other senators including and Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, pressed the White House this week to pull its support Early information said that Nelson was also joined by Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, but Vitter's office denied he played any role. "Sen. Vitter has not weighed in on the nomination of any of the prospective candidates for the position of NASA Administrator," his office said in an email to the Sentinel.

Kay is a regular KGB agent, taking this guy out so stealthily. No, but seriously, this was one of the only pieces of news on Kay this week. Is she on some safari-- or surfing? Or maybe a surfing safari?

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