Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Submit your question for Kay. She's headlining event with Hillary in Dallas.

Kay is going to be hanging with Hill later this month at The Women's Museum in Dallas. The Women's Museum is soliciting questions for the Q&A session (link).

It is somewhat interesting that there is a "MOMocrat" in the comments section praising Kay for being on the same page as Hillary when it comes to health care. Excerpt follows:

I just attended the Texas, Taxes and Uninsured Children conference in Houston where Senator Hutchison spoke eloquently about improving health care in the state of Texas, a goal I know Madam Secretary Clinton has worked towards nationally for a long time.

Do you both plan to continue to actively work towards health care reform? If so, in what way? Can we expect a bipartisan effort, and broad support of health care reform now?

Is there a general timeline for reform?

Thank you very much.

Julie Pippert
What could Kay have said at this conference for this liberal feminist Democrat to praise her on the health care issue? That's troubling, to say the least.

What would you ask Kay if you could ask her anything?

I might ask her to explain her position on abortion. The Rick people and the pro-life activist groups are painting her as Kay Babyhater. Surely that's not true, right?

Trying to decipher where Kay stands on the pro-life/pro-choice spectrum is absolutely futile. I'd like her to just clarify once and for all so we can all move on to other issues.

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