Monday, January 4, 2010

Kay to run a "game changer" of an ad during the BCS MNC...

Wayne Slater reports (link). Excerpt follows...

When the University of Texas and Alabama face off Thursday in the BCS title game, there'll be more than quarterback Colt McCoy on the screen for UT. Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison has bought a 30-second ad to air during the game. Hutchison is a graduate of UT and was a cheerleader. The cost is big - well over $100,000 (and reportedly closer to $200,000) for the 30 seconds. But the audience will be huge and the spot will give Hutchison an opportunity to remind potential voters of her ties to UT.

Hutchison is challenging incumbent Rick Perry for governor. Perry is an Aggie and was a cheerleader at A&M. A check with TV buyers indicates Perry doesn't plan to air a spot during the game. Perry spokesman Mark Miner wouldn't say. "We don't discuss media strategy."

As for Hutchison, who plans to attend the game at the Rose Bowl, her campaign manager Terry Sullivan says: "It's a game-changer of an ad." The commercial will air statewide. It will appear during the pre-game show in the Austin media market and during the first half in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth.

A game changer... does that mean she will go very very negative... or is it a funny ad... or something interesting? Her ads thus far have not been game changing other than not being very good...

This is kind of like buying a mini Super Bowl ad... is a one time blowout buy worth it for branding purposes, or is repetition over time better?

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