Monday, January 4, 2010

Why should El Paso, Midland, and Amarillo pay for roads in Houston and Dallas?

Kay's biggest tack against Rick just might be Rick's support for the Trans Texas Corridor, a hugely ambitious infrastructure project with lanes for large trucks separated from large luxurious lanes for cars, plus telecommunications lines, gas pipelines, electricity grid, and even commuter rail... all paid for by private dollars... and those private dollars were to have been put into a huge trust fund that would pay for more traditional transportation projects. It was really a great and visionary idea... and in most ways was actually far more "conservative" than the traditional top down way of funding and building new infrastructure.

At the time Kay stayed out of it... she never was outspoken against the plan until 2009... now she criticizes at every turn... including this video...

A few years back, Rick ran into a buzzsaw when the Texas Department of Transportation held public hearings that were taken over by activists who were dead set against tolls roads plus some ranchers and farmers who did not want their land taken for a massive road project plus environmentalists who hate any asphalt anywhere... it was a messy thing for the Trans Texas Corridor...

Carole Keeton Strayhorn attempted but failed to capitalize on disillusionment in certain counties with the TTC plan... now Kay is using Strayhorn's playbook... maybe less effectively, if that is possible.

Toll roads evoke a certain passion in a small segment of people, but when you think about fairness in transportation policy shouldn't people using the roads and benefiting from them pay to use the roads, or should people out in Lubbock or El Paso or other places be forced to subsidize new roads connecting the major cities of Texas?

Some people are not happy (link).

Kay may be opening herself up to a buzzsaw of her own... she has proposed a giant rail corridor that criss crosses Texas taking lots of land... she has proposed tolls as an acceptable way to fund roads... it seems really crazy of Kay to be going down this path... all while criticizing Rick for proposing a similar thing a few years ago...

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