Monday, January 4, 2010

Rick's peeps promoting Kay's name as CAGW "Porker of the Year"?

Last week Rick's campaign staff tweeted out a link to the Citizens Against Government Waste website (link). You will have to go to their web page to vote I don't think I can load up that function here...

Help Decide the
2009 Porker of the Year!

Rep. Russ Carnahan

Rep. Barney Frank

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

Rep. Neil Abercrombie

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Rep. Maxine Waters

Cast Your Vote!

Who should be CAGW's 2009 Porker of the Year?


(Maximum response 255 chars, approx. 5 rows of text)

Kay of course was the October porker of the month (link)... a pretty damaging thing to be named in a Republican primary in Texas. The pork is one of those coins with two distinct sides... one is that you aren't "doing your job" if you are not bringing home the bacon... the other is that you are horse trading and approving big wasteful projects in other states in the process... Rick's peeps sometimes forget how to package that...

It's not politically damaging for Kay to bring home billions in projects for Texas. Maybe a little, but any damage is mitigated by the shiny new local projects... the damage comes from Kay's votes against the earmarking practice as a whole... the damage comes from Kay's votes for hundred billion dollar bills loaded with waste in a time when our national debt is sky rocketing... the damage comes from Kay's votes for the hundred million dollar bridge to nowhere in Alaska and millions for rodent studies in Montana and things like that... those are what Rick's peeps should focus on when they talk about Kay's porker of the month award... and possibly porker of the year award?

As governor you aren't exactly securing federal dollars and bringing home the bacon... you are just spending state dollars and spreading the bacon around. Rick has a tendency to even turn down bacon from the federal government when that supply will go away later... Kay's philosophy seems to be to take as much bacon as you can when you can get it...

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