Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Medina to be included in Rick vs. Kay debate...

KERA acquiesced to Medina's social media campaign to be included in the debate on January 14 (link)...
KERA Invites Medina To GOP Debate
(KERA) - KERA says it is inviting newcomer Debra Medina to be part of its GOP gubernatorial debate next week. Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison have already accepted invitations to participate in the Texas Debate: Race for Governor, which is being produced by KERA and a partnership of media.

KERA says it is inviting Medina to participate in the statewide, televised debate after deciding she meets longstanding, station criteria.

Among issues considered was whether Medina has actively campaigned, generating media and public interest. Guidelines also allow for considering political polls, but KERA says polls played a minor role in the decision. KERA says there was very little recent polling data to consider.

This Texas Debate on January 14 will mark the first time Hutchison, Perry and Medina have squared off on the same stage even though the March 2 primary is less than two months away. The statewide broadcast from the University of North Texas's Murchison Auditorium will include a live audience. Questions will be posed by a panel of journalists and voters.

KERA's Shelley Kofler will moderate the debate.
I for one welcome Medina's inclusion... I think she in some ways has the most pressure on her to prove she is a serious candidate and not a fringe protest candidate who just wants to stir up trouble. She could be very interesting and entertaining...

Although Debra Medina often veered into the realm of conspiracy theories regarding her possible exclusion that made her seem a little paranoid and made her lose some credibility (link), Medina's impressive pre emptive threats and cajoling really really worked... which should make bigger campaigns stand up and take note of how a few really dedicated people can get results if they are determined enough and stay on message.

Debra Medina's inclusion in the KERA debate does not automatically make Medina a serious candidate... but he debate on January 14 will show whether her ideas are electable, and the reports on January 15 will show whether she has the money to legitimately compete... I would wager that Medina may seem a little strident and inexperienced for the average Republican voter on January 14 and probably will not have much cash on January 15...

Congratulations to Medina making it into the debate... it was really a text book example of how to draw attention to a situation and get people fired up about something...

Then again... she met all the criteria... she was actively and relentlessly campaigning... she had more than 5% in a poll a few months ago... and she has been generating media and public interest... even in Rick's internal poll that was "leaked" Medina had 5%...

This was Medina's second big win in a couple of days... she won a lawsuit against her nemesis the Republican Party of Texas and now does not have to pay the party a huge sum that a lower court said she owed... shall we say Medinamentum?

Now that she has these wins though... what will she focus on? Sometimes there can be a let down after a big win.

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  1. Medina clearly won the debate. I was so impressed. she really answered the questions while Rick and Kay danced the political 2 step boogie. I have change my vote and if I were a mormon I might ask for her hand.
    Brad Lewis Beaumont TX.


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