Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cameron Todd Willingham was guilty as sin...

While Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are proclaiming the innocence of this scumbag to hurt Rick politically, the local Corsicana paper has been doing yeoman's work on this story and is making those media activists look really stupid (link). Excerpt follows...
The undeniable facts of the Cameron Todd Willingham case are these:

• On Dec. 23, 1991, 2-year-old Amber Louise Kuykendall, and 1-year-old twins Karmon Diane Willingham and Kameron Marie Willingham died in a mid-morning house fire at 1213 W. 11th Ave. in Corsicana.

• Willingham, 23, the children’s father, and the only adult home at the time of the fire, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death on Aug. 21, 1992.

• After five appeals and 12 years on death row, he was put to death by lethal injection on Feb. 17, 2004.

Everything else is controversial.
Unfortunately their megaphone is tiny, and Cooper and Maddow reach millions of people with their criminally biased reporting... the more I read about this case the more I am convinced this whole controversy is an attempt to end the death penalty, and the actual facts shouldn't get in the way...

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Fox station actually went to Corsicana and did some on the ground reporting... watching this, Willingham was one bad guy who got due process... even the new forensic investigatory tools don't point to innocence or that the fire was set accidentally, the new reports only point to inconclusive evidence on one small part of the case.

Willingham's last words were not "I am an innocent man." They were "I hope you rot in hell, bitch," directed toward his wife whom he had beaten many times even while she was pregnant to try to cause a miscarriage... this guy was guilty and had several appeals at the state and federal levels.

Here is the video (link)...

You won't see anything like that on CNN or MSNBC. They have made up their minds, and it is not even about Willingham anymore it is about Rick and the death penalty more broadly.


  1. The cognitive dissonance going on in your head must be painful. Perry is a tyrrant.

  2. Your three UNDENIABLE facts don't conclusively mean that he is guilty, and can you dismiss reports by top arson investigators that the fire was an accident? Also my curiosity is getting the better of me...Willingham's last comments...were you there when he uttered them?

  3. The story of his beating his wife during her pregnancy to cause miscarriage is utter fabrication. The wife denied this on numerous occasions, including during the trial. She admitted he'd hit her before. She's admitted they fought all the time. She also claimed, during his trial, that he often left the altercations with more bruises than she.

    None of this is to claim that he was a saint. When they fought, he hit. Hitting an adult in anger doesn't mean you're a child murderer. Being poor, having a tattoo and being an unemployed auto-mechanic doesn't make you a child murderer.

    Had I been on that gurney, knowing I was innocent while awaiting my state-sanctioned murder, I'm sure I would have cursed too. Those last words were words of horror and despair and agony. He'd been abandoned by the one person who had defended him all along.(His wife.) That awful last moment reminded me of the words of another innocent man, put to death by his government... They were, "My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?"

  4. One more thing, Willingham's last words (and gestures) were reported by the members of the press who witnessed the execution. He did, in fact, die cursing his ex-wife. (And trying to give her the finger.) He also called out his love for a person named Gabby. All of this is well documented. And perfectly understandable, I think, coming from an innocent man who was about to be murdered.

  5. They know he committed these murders.

    He even confessed to his ex-wife that he murdered their 3 daughters.

    He WAS a monster and he did murder those 3 innocent kids.

    He deserved execution and he got it. Goodbye, monster and scumbag.

  6. "That awful last moment reminded me of the words another innocent man, put to death by his government..."

    LOL now I've read it all. I've been reading all these people defending this pathetic creature for a while now. Now we've even got people comparing Willinghim the baby killer to Jesus.


  7. Willingham wrote a letter to his wife when on death row.

    It was all sweet and peachy, how much he missed his children, how the children had made Stacy and him into a family, how much the twins had looked like him and Amber was a mini Stacy, that he had shortcomings as a husband he had now grown out of and so the letter went on and on and on and on.

    Toward the end of the letter the reason for his outpour of emotion became apparant:

    he wanted Stacy to contact his parents to help organize his upcoming funeral as his parents were not totally au fait with his wishes and Stacy had to go and convince them.

    He also dictated how he wanted to be remembered in eternity and Stacy had to make sure his parents also had to see things this way.......

    Then INCREDULOUSLY he stated:

    "I hope they find whoever did this"

    So here is Todd, sitting on death row for twelve years, being accused of setting fire to his house, killing his three children, his death is imminent and he casually says: " I hope they find whoever did this" as if it's not all that important there's someone out there that killed his family for which he is going to get fried, yet Stacy the mother of the dead babies is the bitch from hell getting cussed out in his last words on this earth !

    Go Figure !!

  8. You write that the inconclusive evidence of arson was a "small part of the case." If the evidence for arson is inconclusive, then the evidence that any crime at all had taken place is inconclusive. It's not a small part of the cae, it IS the case.

  9. The report by Beyler is a pack of lies, gross errors and distortions of the truth, and extreme anti-death penalty propaganda by anti-death penalty fanatics who will stop at nothing to deprive the surviving relatives of murder victims of any justice and closure by doing any ridiculous stunt possible to stop the rightful carrying out of the death penalty to vicious, mad dog killers who deserve execution.

    All they talk about is the murderer...not a word about the victim or what they suffered.

    The evidence clearly shows that Cameron Todd Willingham did murder his 3 daughters and even confessed to another inmate that he murdered his 3 kids and even confessed to his ex-wife that he murdered their 3 kids.

    Also his ex-wife supported him in the beginning and later became absolutely convinced of his guilt in the murders of her 3 kids.

    Also, the defense attorney who defended him at trial came to believe that he, in fact, did commit these murders.

    Also, his actions when the house first started burning, and later on...were not the actions of an innocent man. His story changed, I understand, 27 times. And you say he is innocent?

    He had full review by every court in this country many, many times and they upheld his guilt every time. And you tell me this monster and scumbag and murderer of 3 innocent little girls is innocent?

    If he were innocent, then those 3 adorable little girls would still be alive.

    He deserved execution for these cruel, vicious murders and he got a gentle death for the vicious, cruel, inhumane, and heinous murders of his 3 daughters.

    Goodbye, and good riddance, monster and scumbag!

    Thank you Gov. Perry for not giving that scumbag and monster a pardon or stay of execution and for making sure that vicious, mad-dog, baby killer got put to death for the vicious murders he committed.


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