Friday, October 16, 2009

Willingham confessed to murdering his children...

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram reports on the affadavit (link). Excerpt follows...

A former brother-in-law of a man executed in 2004 for killing his three children says the death row inmate had confessed to his ex-wife that he set the fire that killed their daughters.

The statement from Ronnie Kuykendall is included in two affidavits released this week by the city of Corsicana in response to media requests amid suggestions that Cameron Todd Willingham may have been innocent.

Cameron Todd Willingham confessed more than once. This guy got 9 appeals from the Supreme Court, lower courts, Texas courts...

This whole thing is so stupid... Kay should have never waded into this situation and tried to politicize it in the Rick vs. Kay race. It will eventually come back to bite her.


  1. Real reliable source there. Got any more hearsay? Because the facts are that the professional testimony of arson was based on junk science.

  2. To the 1st commenter: educate yourself before you opine. It helps to avoid looking stupid.

    The Beyler report does not rule out arson. It says that forensics evidence alone cannot prove it was Willingham who set the fire, but that this cannot be ruled out as a cause. And many people find his report flawed, including the city of Corsicana who has filed a 21-page rebuttal.

  3. Again, Willingham's wife has denied this supposed confession. She accounted for the final meeting many times. He spent his time building on Stacy's original theory that Amber possibly started the fire by placing something in the space heater. He never confessed and she never said he confessed.

  4. To Jason...educate yourself. The Sun's own reporter from the time of her last visit to Willingham:


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