Monday, October 26, 2009

Kay voted against stripping 80+ billion from the stimulus?

Kay goes around touting that she voted against the stimulus, but she voted against an amendment that would have saved taxpayers about 80 or more billion dollars (link). Excerpt follows...

In Texas, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison criticized Governor Rick Perry for turning down a $550+ million portion of our state's multi-billion dollar stimulus share (note thatTexas is a donor state). KBH would have preferred that Texas accept those additional dollars and be required to grow our state government unemployment system-- and put the state on the hook for complying with those federal strings for many years to come. Not exactly a 100% unfunded mandate, but it is fair to call it merely a slightly funded federal mandate.

Not only that, but Senator Hutchison also voted with the Democrats and against our conservative Senator John Cornyn on a measure that would have eliminated tens of billions of dollars in wasteful stimulus spending projects, like half a billion bucks for climate change research and 125 million dollars on the DC sewer system. Total cost of Senator Hutchison's vote: potentially upwards of SEVERAL TENS OF BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.

One of only 7 Republicans (including now-Democrat Arlen Specter, whiny George Voinovich of Ohio, and both RINO Senators from Maine) to vote no, KBH's vote was also a vote in favor of big labor unions, as it also would have repealed Davis-Bacon and opened up government contracts to competitive bidding rather than keeping federal stimulus construction projects completely within the grip of big labor. The provision protecting the union bosses alone added 9.91% to the cost of the Obama stimulus, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

Granted that fact comes from someone who works for Rick on the payroll but I checked the links and it's all air tight. Kay's voting record is pretty unbelievable sometimes... she is lucky there are a lot of non roll call votes in her job...

The reality of Kay is that she basically voted to keep 100 billion dollars in wasteful spending in the Obama stimulus package. She could have voted the other way but chose not to... why is the real question?

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