Friday, October 16, 2009

More on Cameron Todd Willingham's confessions...

Dave Montgomery always has a way of getting to the facts. He flies under the radar because he doesn't go on Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews to tell those liberals what they want to hear. He generally does not make things up or put inflammatory quotes or insinuations into his reporting. Montgomery right now is the most objective reporter who covers the Rick and Kay race. He wrote a nice piece on the Willingham situation (link). Excerpt follows...

“She stated that after visiting with him for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, he told her that he had set the fire because he knew that she was going to leave him,” said the brother of Stacy Kuykendall, Willingham's ex-wife.

The affidavit was one of two released by Corsicana city officials in the Willingham case this week and seemingly contradicts Willingham's claims of innocence in the deaths of his children. The statements were first reported Thursday in the Corsicana Daily Sun and later obtained by the Star-Telegram.

The whole article is just facts, not brazen editorialization. Good facts.


  1. Stacy Kuykendall has DENIED this on NUMEROUS occasions. The facts are out there, yes. You just need to put some effort into finding them. Willingham did meet with her before he died. He never, ever confessed. And she never, ever claimed he did.

  2. So you've now got hearsay about hearsay, and you're using THAT to justify ignoring the forensic evidentiary problems with the case? Jeez, the Perry Patrol is losing its grip on reason.


    Here are the facts regarding yet another lie you've foolishly posted.

    Ms. Kuykendall never said Willingham confessed.

  4. You gona give Montgomery a tip of the hat on this one too or are you going to be a Perry Purse Boy?


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