Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Bill White going to jump into the race against Rick if Kay doesn't actually go through with this?

The Dallas Observer caught up with senate hopeful Bill White and they came away with the impression that he might not be 100% sold on running for senate if Kay stays as senator (link)...

There's a lot of talk that if Kay doesn't leave her seat, you'll switch to the governor's race. Is that a consideration? Have you ruled it out?

I think that Senator Hutchison is going to do what she said she's going to do. You don't have marriages with contingency plans. You don't plan on somebody not showing up for the wedding. We're on course, and I believe that she's going to do what she said she's going to do. She's running for governor, and I think to win for governor, she needs to campaign full time. I think she believes that too. That's what she's told her donors, and that's what she's told people who've urged her not to quit.

But let's say she doesn't quit and you have to make a decision at the filing deadline.

Honestly, it's not something I think about at all. I just think about how we win this race. That's an honest answer.

You honestly haven't thought at all about it? There has to be people who've talked to you about it.

Oh, yeah. People talk to me about it every day. The way I was able to run marathons is just, you're training everyday. The way that we're able to build up a grassroots organization is focus on task. The reason I was able to do a good job as mayor is we concentrated on job growth, cutting traffic congestion, cutting crime, improving the neighborhoods and running the government efficiently -- those five things.

Bill White's best chance... just like Kay's... was probably 2006 or 2008... I sense that the tide is going to be flowing against a Democrat in 2010...

Democrat Bill White remember was the first to claim he knew when Kay was going to resign... because she told him when... meanwhile none of the other Republican wannabes have any clue...


  1. In a political climate of reckless government spending, Rs should be chomping at the bit to run agaisnt White now that the City of Houston audit reveals what a colossal financial mess he made of Houstonian's tax dollars.

  2. Same Bill White that's mayor of the largest bankrupt city in America?



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