Monday, October 26, 2009

Liberals for Kay...

John Robey wrote a letter to the Austin American Statesman claiming to be a liberal for Kay (link). Excerpt follows...

Liberal for Hutchison

Have the pollsters who claim the GOP gubernatorial candidates to be in a dead heat considered the impact of non-Republicans on the primary?

As a proud liberal, I have every intention of voting for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. She's certainly not a favorite of mine — tragically stuck in the 1950s — but is infinitely more human than her opponent.

Gov. Rick Perry never met a wealthy special interest he didn't pander to, or a poor person he wouldn't happily kick into the gutter and step on. He appears to have no principles or personality of his own, instead happily adopting whatever he thinks will play best politically — for example, his handling of the stimulus money. His remarkable success in real estate transactions is, however, quite intriguing.

John Robey


Kay's peeps have made it clear she is going to try to outflank Rick on the right... I wonder if John Robey will be singing that pro Kay tune in the future when she is done with all of that...

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