Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SHOCKER Dog bites man... Rick appoints people who have worked for him previously...

A very lengthy inside baseball process article from Jason Embry (link). Excerpt follows...

Governors historically hand out spots on key boards and commissions to like-minded men and women who have found great success in the private sector. It usually helps if the prospective appointees have helped governors campaign or raise money.

But Gov. Rick Perry, in a departure from at least his two most recent predecessors, has added a new wrinkle by repeatedly turning to members of his own staff to sit on the small panels that lead agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Public Utility Commission.

Mike Geeslin is weighing big ruling on insurance.
Buddy Garcia cast key vote on environ-mental panel.
Deirdre Delisi heads Trans-portation Commission.
Andres Alcantar still handles work force issues.
Robert Scott rose to top of education hierarchy.
Mike McKinney is chancellor of Texas A&M System.
Rick Perry has made his views known to appointees.

I almost expected to read the article and find a hit piece against Rick for this as if it were some kind of scandal, but it is just a really tedious process piece that nobody outside of the Austin political bubble will even finish reading.


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