Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guns and butter...

An interesting fact... Rick has his conceal-carry license. Kay does not. More here (link). Excerpt follows...
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry both support gun ownership rights. They will square off in the GOP primary for governor in March.

Hutchison plans to weigh in on an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case by helping lead a bipartisan group from Congress in filing a legal brief urging the court to rule gun ownership is an individual right that applies at the state and local levels, in addition to the federal level.

Representatives of both candidates say they own rifles and handguns and that they are hunters.

Perry’s spokesman, Mark Miner, said the governor has a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun. The senator’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Baker, said Hutchison does not.

Miner said the governor has always been a strong defender of the Second Amendment, which addresses the right to bear arms. He said Perry, also a National Rifle Association backer, supported the legislation allowing Texans to carry concealed handguns and in 2007 signed the state’s so-called castle doctrine law allowing individuals more legal rights to shoot to kill if someone breaks into their home, car or business. It was the first bill Perry signed into law that year.

Perry also signed a law in 2007 closing off public access to records showing who has concealed handgun licenses – something open government advocates fought. Hutchison said she agrees with that law blocking the records from public view.
Rick is gunning for the gun vote, and I think he will be able to make the case to some of the most zealous gun advocates that he is their guy.... the Castle Doctrine is something I just can't imagine Kay has the stomach for...

And she also has this to worry about (link). Excerpt follows...

The following video was clipped from a presentation at the Heritage Foundation concerning an individual right to keep and bear arms. Even though Senator Hutchison joined with fifty-four other senators, 250 representatives, and Vice President Cheney to submit an amicus brief in favor of Heller in the SCOTUS DC v Heller case, she still supports an Assault Weapons Ban.

This one statement shows just how far off the mark she is with her definition of an individuals right to keep and bear arms. I have comments on this issue previously, and have contacted her office concerning these remarks. I know for a fact that at least one member of her staff is reading this blog and knows of our concerns over this issue. The Senator's response so far has been less than adequate.

There will be more to come comparing and contrasting the records of both these politicians concerning our right to keep and bear arms.
I think if Rick can snag the endorsement of some gun groups he can just really put Kay away by a lot of points... gun owners vote on guns, but getting those endorsements and highlighting her weaknesses may be trickier than it sounds...

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  1. KBH is a huge RINO. She has not adequately supported the 2nd Amendment throughout her career.


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