Monday, October 26, 2009

Is resignation a lose-lose for Kay?

Peggy Fikac poses the question... is Kay in a lose lose scenario when it comes to resignation (link)? Excerpt follows...

If Hutchison resigns from the Senate to concentrate on her GOP primary challenge to Gov. Rick Perry, she leaves herself open to his camp's charges that she's deserting her post at a crucial time for the country and the party.

She also hands Perry the plum job of picking her replacement until a special election for her seat and choosing that election's timing, which could oh-so-easily step on her campaign message.

If she stays in the Senate, she keeps a powerful soapbox. But she also can look forward to an endless series of press releases from Perry's campaign about any potentially controversial votes she casts and any she misses, no matter how much her supporters may emphasize any skipped votes were procedural or so non-controversial that her absence didn't matter.

“Guess who forgot to show up for work again? Sen. Hutchison misses 19th vote of the year,” trumpeted one Perry press release, quickly followed up with one marking her 20th missed chance to cast a vote: “Kay's Wednesday without work. First she misses Senate vote, then bails on banking committee hearing.”


“Texans deserve a full-time senator. It's a decision she obviously has to make, but Texans deserve to be represented full-time in Washington,” said Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “On the resignation issue, she's given five different answers to the same question. Being governor is about making decisions.”

Hutchison's camp would rather not talk about it, calling the matter inconsequential compared to state issues.


Baker maintained, however, that voters aren't distracted: “The only people preoccupied with her schedule are Rick Perry, who doesn't want to talk about important issues; politicians vying to advance their careers, and reporters.”

Not to mention consultants who might like to help some of those politicians looking to advance their careers if Hutchison resigns: “Nobody is doing anything because the reality is there's no Senate race,” said GOP consultant Mark Sanders. “And that means whatever ambitions are there ... there's no place to move right now.”

If Kay is going to resign she probably should have done so a long time ago... I think her missed votes, missed committee meetings on important issues, and other missed work days will be fodder for Rick's campaign commercials. They are a stark contrast to her rhetoric about staying and fighting Obama...

To fight Obama you have to... you know... show up to work...

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