Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The surviving victim in the Willingham case: "This man murdered my daughters and I am sick of people defending him."

There is one real surviving victim in the Cameron Todd Willingham case. Willingham's ex-wife, Stacy Kuykendall, the mother of the three children who were murdered. She has been maligned by the media and basically called a liar by editorial boards of various newspapers for suggesting that Willingham was indeed a monster, that he did confess, and that he was a murdering scumbag who cursed her out and made obscene gestures at her as his last words.

Dave Montgomery published another comment from Kuykendall this morning (link). Excerpts follow...
But ex-wife Stacy Kuykendall said Tuesday in an e-mail that she stands by her statements over the weekend: "I wrote nothing but the truth. This man murdered my daughters and I am sick of people defending him."
To read her statement yet again, read this previous blog (link). Excerpt follows...
He told me repeatedly in obscenity-laced language that he hoped I would "rot in hell" and attempted to maneuver his hand, strapped at the wrist, into an obscene gesture.
Clearly my blogs on Willingham have touched a nerve with some in the media, some on Kay's team, and even my buddies (okay maybe that is going too far) over at Burnt Orange Report, but this is the way I see it...

Stacy Kuykendall's story and a lot of other facts do not fit into the prevailing narrative the media wants to paint... they are therefore ignored for the most part. Instead you have Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and a bunch of other "I want to change the world" reporters thinking this is their big story that will get them credibility and awards. Editors and producers are seeing that this story is selling newspapers and attracting eyeballs on television...

If I am seen as "pushing Rick's talking points" then so be it. If anything I am being far more aggressive than Rick's peeps on this issue. For whatever reason they tried early on to avoid being perceived as pushing too far... this entire story escalated into this daily headline stealing grind because they apparently thought the overwhelming facts of the case... the 9 appeals including ones to the United States Supreme Court, the statements from witnesses and victims and others involved at the time, Willingham's propensity to beat his wife, the other evidence in the trial, the entire city of Corsicana including the local Corsicana media defending the handling of the case... would all stand on their own merits. That never happens. Journalists don't care about facts. It is all about spin, and Barry Scheck's Innocence Project people were out there spinning a lot harder than Rick's people early on.

The truth is that this story turned into a big crazy "cause" and stayed that way until Rick himself called Willingham a monster and Rick's peeps pushed out this video from the Fox DFW...

It was only then that the story started including some of the facts... including statements from the real victim Stacy Kuykendall... it was only then that supporters of Rick had any ammo to fire back at the anti capital punishment protesters disguised as journalists....

I am sorry that upsets certain people, but that is how I see it.


  1. The death penalty is such an emotional issue. I enjoyed this review of a good book on the topic:

  2. Why Gov. Perry shook up the Texas Forensic Science Commission

    some other reviews on this case

  3. It is terrible this case has been so used for political Grand standing with Willingham arising as the martyr.

    Willingham was the last person on this planet you want to use as an example how flawed the Death penalty is.

    If there are innocent people on death row, he certainly wasn't one of them.

    His Sociopathy already evident by his many bizarre lies alone and an inexplicable housefire don't make for a good combination of innocense to start with and the obscene cursing of his ex wife as his last words showed not much had changed during the last 16 years of claiming his innocense.

    He set out to destroy and is still getting his way by attempting to destroy the fabric of Justice by those viewing him as a martyr and victim of the Death Penalty.


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