Friday, October 16, 2009

Sarah and Rick...

CNN takes some subtle shots at Rick and Sarah both (link). Excerpt follows...

(CNN) — Here's one place where a Sarah Palin campaign appearance is welcome: Texas.

Republican gubernatorial campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey are giving Palin the cold shoulder out of fear that she might alienate independent voters.

But it's a very different story in the Texas Republican gubernatorial primary, a conservative slugfest between Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Palin will campaign for Perry sometime next year, according to his campaign, but the dates are still being finalized.

"She will be coming here to campaign sometime after the first of the year once she is done with her book tour," said Perry spokesman Mark Miner.

I think one thing that is clear is that Rick is going to get a lot of money when Sarah Palin comes in. People will pay anything to attend any kind of event with her in Texas...

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