Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reginald Blanton is not your martyr either...

At the risk of turning Rick vs. Kay into a pro death penalty blog I can't avoid commenting on Reginald Blanton... he is scheduled to be executed today, and anti death penalty groups are taking up his cause as the next martyr.

How dumb are these people?

Robbie Cooper over at Urban Grounds tells it like it is (link). Excerpt follows...

On April 9, 2000, Carlos Garza was found lying unconscious in his apartment from two gun shot wounds to his face. He died on the way to the hospital. Garza’s door appeared to have been kicked open.

Two days later, following her arrest after an altercation with her boyfriend, Robert Blanton, LaToya Mayberry told the police that she had information about a murder that had occurred a few days before in an apartment complex and that Robert and his twin brother, Reginald Blanton, were involved in the homicide. Mayberry stated that she, Robert, and Reginald went to Garza’s apartment, where she waited in the car. Mayberry said she heard “two loud booms,” which she indicated she knew had to be the two brothers kicking in the door to Garza’s apartment. She then heard “two more booms,” which she said she knew to be gunshots because she had heard gunshots before. She said Robert and Reginald then returned to the car, and they drove away. Reginald had some jewelry in his hand, including two necklaces, which he later pawned for $79.

Mayberry later asked Robert what had happened. Robert told her that the door was kicked in, Garza came around the corner and asked what they were doing, and Reginald shot him. Reginald looked around the apartment for drugs, but found none. He shot Garza again. Reginald said he took one hundred dollars from the apartment.

A Texas jury sentenced Blanton to death for killing Carlos Garza. And on October 27, 2009, Blanton will pay for his deadly crime with his life.

I really don't want to get into a daily death penalty blog, but what is it with these anti capital punishment people making martyrs of these scumbags?

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  1. Well, Reginald Blanton's brother and the brother's then-girlfriend both recanted their testimonies and said they were forced to sign statements against Reginald Blanton. Reginald also said the jewelry he allegedly stole already belonged to him and there are pictures of Reginald and Carlos where Reginald wears the jewelry. The only evidence against Reginald was the video tape. The shoe print on Carlos kicked-in apartment door was not Reginalds and a gun was never found. It's also weird that Reginald's brother is named as the co-defendant but he never received any punishment nor did his then-girlfriend who got arrested on different charges unrelated to the murder before she signed the statement against Reginald. This implies something went wrong during the investigation because they allegedly didn't have enough evidence to accuse Reginald Blanton's brother. So, how could they have enough evidences to convict Reginald if the only evidence was the video tape which proves nothing since Reginald and Carlos were friends. And no, I'm not dumb. I just read about the case - both sides of the case!


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