Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rick lashes out at biased media on this Willingham thing...

R.G. Ratcliffe has the full audio of Rick's press gaggle today in Austin (link). Audio follows...

Rick is getting feisty. This is how his peeps and he needed to be weeks ago. FINALLY some of his staff are getting his side of the story out.

This whole case is an indictment of shoddy, activist journalism from liberals who hate the death penalty and are trying to cast doubt on the whole process... all while harming Rick's reputation.

This is also one big reason why I do not like Kay or her campaign. They keep wading into this situation... this is exactly what people anticipated happening. Kay gets in, joins the liberals in attacking Rick, and then the whole party gets weakened by it. Not only the party but the entire concept of capital punishment.

In Rick vs. Kay, I have no doubt that there will be blood. This has only barely begun. Eventually Rick and his peeps will bring out some nukes. Probably on pro life issues mostly in mailboxes and radio waves.

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