Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kay sez "I certainly have no influence" on who Rick might appoint...

Weird quote, could be easily taken out of context (link). I guess she means that she has no influence over who Rick will appoint if she resigns, but it is a funny comment. Not ha ha funny...

Excerpt follows...

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who said in July that she would resign by December, said today that she’s no longer sure when she’ll leave the Senate.

She blames the delay on uncertainty over when Congress will take final action on health care reform.

“I don’t know. Every day in Washington some new bad thing is coming up,” she said today in a radio interview with Mark Davis on WBAP (820 AM).

“What I said was ‘October, November – in that time frame.’ And I have said all along that I would be looking at that time frame… I am going to leave.”

But she also left open the possibility that she’ll stay in the Senate indefinitely, even as she pursues her bid to oust Gov. Rick Perry in the March Republican primary.

Hutchison's coyness, however, has kept the ambitions of would-be candidates in limbo.

“I do understand that,” she told Davis, sympathy in her voice.

Her term doesn't expire until 2012, and she is not legally obliged to resign to run for governor.

As for the choices her rival would face in naming her replacement, Hutchison said she didn't expect Perry to seek her input.

“I will just take every day as it comes. I certainly have no influence,” she said.

The real news is that she seemed to change positions again on when she is resigning... this has to be driving Dewhurst and both Roger and Michael Williams and the others mad. Especially the ones who don't have Dewhurst's money and are struggling to raise money right now because Kay may or may not actually resign.

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