Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rick uses Kay's own 1993 campaign TV ad against her...

One of Rick's peeps not directly on his campaign but let's call him or her an advisor emails this video along with the comment, "Perry's team put this out on Friday. Will you post it to get it back in the conversation?"

Sure, but only with some critiques.

The plot of this story is pretty basic...

In 1993 Kay promised to cut spending and get rid of earmarks, and now she vigorously defends earmarks (link). Excerpt follows...

WASHINGTON – Gov. Rick Perry has hammered Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison time and again as a Washington-style big spender. He decries the $2.6 billion that she slipped "secretly" into the last two annual budgets.

But he doesn't know the half of it.

By Hutchison's own accounting, she has steered $8.7 billion to Texas in the last five years. And as Congress finalizes the 2010 budget, the haul will probably exceed $10 billion – a staggering sum that has never been tallied before. It ranks her among the most successful earmarkers in congressional history.

How that plays in the GOP gubernatorial primary will hinge on whether voters buy Perry's argument – that earmarks drive up deficits and reflect a culture of unbridled spending – or Hutchison's view that she deserves kudos, not insults, for taking care of the state's universities, transit systems, hospitals and cities.

"I just get constant jabbing from the governor. Why wouldn't I fight for Texas?" Hutchison said. "I'm proud of my effectiveness. To be hit for being effective for Texas is puzzling."

Earmarks refer to programs that aren't competitively bid. Critics say they sap funding from higher priority projects and invite abuse.

Rick's peeps made a great video about it...

A few critiques for Rick's peeps.

I would focus more on the out of state earmarks and then name some of them. Make one of two of them a symbol for her wasteful spending ways. Or just scroll through 25 of them to show she has supported a culture of out of control spending...

You should also not put these videos out on Friday evenings. Notice that you only have under 100 views right now for a video that really makes a great point. You should have either put it out earlier on Friday which may have not been possible since the article it was based on came out on Friday or you should have held it until Monday morning and gotten some press peeps to run with it with some well placed calls Sunday night.

I would also rely less on quotes from newspapers. Who cares about what they say? I know you guys get very little press that it anti Kay that you can use, but I wouldn't be so eager to use clippings as the basis on your videos. That practice will come back to bite you eventually since Kay will use bad press about Rick and you won't be able to just dismiss the press entirely as a bunch of liberal hacks...

All of that being said, it is a great video and shows truly how Kay just plain doesn't get it. She just really doesn't understand that earmarks are nothing to brag about.

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