Monday, October 26, 2009

Cathie Adams refuses to withdraw endorsement of Rick...

I wonder how this will play out... Gardner Selby has the story (link). Excerpt follows...

Adams said it would be impossible for her now to withdraw her earlier endorsement of Perry for another term.

“That would be like trying to turn the direction of the river,” Adams said, adding that any endorsements she’s previously made “are out there.” Still, she said, “there’s not going to be any partiality” on her part in her new role.

Cathie Adams also called for Kay to be more clear and up front about if and when she is resigning from her senate seat...

Her decision not to air a quitting date has caused political unease back home because until she settles her plans, other office-holders believe they can’t resolve their plans.


Adams said: “If she’s going to run for governor, I think that it would be best for our party if by Jan. 4, filing deadline, that we know clearly who is running for what.”

I don't think Cathie Adams is speaking there as a Rick supporter. I think she is just speaking on behalf of the party and the would be senate candidates... there are dozens of candidates who can't really run campaigns until they know what Kay's plans are.

Right now, Florence Shapiro, Michael Williams, Roger Williams, David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and Elizabeth Ames Jones among others are not able to adequately raise money or build their campaign staffs up... the only person who claims to have been told by Kay precisely what Kay is planning on doing is Democrat Bill White...

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