Friday, October 16, 2009

Ken Herman suggests Rick should appoint Kay if she resigns...

A solution for Rick? Ken Herman opines (link). Excerpt follows...

So qué pasa, Kay Bailey? When are you stepping down? Your state wants to know. Lots of potential candidates want to know. One Supreme Court justice really, really wants to know.

And though the Perry campaign inexplicably never asks for my advice, here's what he should do when Hutchison resigns: He should immediately appoint her to replace herself.

For Perry, it's win-win. For Hutchison, lose-lose. If she accepts the appointment, she's distracted from the gubernatorial race.

And in the more likely event that she turns it down, Perry can rail about how she turned her back on Texas as "some new bad thing" was coming up in Washington.

How is it that I'm not making the big political consulting bucks?

An interesting academic exercise.

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