Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prairie Pundit on the nastiness in the race...

Some comments I agree with a whole lot from the Prairie Pundit blog (link). Excerpts follow...
I think most of the animosity at this point is of the inside baseball variety. Voters are not engaged in the bickering at this point, and are probably more interested in specific policy differences.


Perry does have some positives to campaign on that get left out of these stories about bickering. The Texas economy has generally out performed almost every other state. Texas is the number one exporting state. It has created more jobs than any other state. It has more headquarters for Fortune 500 companies than any other state. It has led the nation in wind energy production. There are other such stats and he would be wise to focus voters on these positives rather than be pulled into a cat fight.

Obviously, when you have two people who are used to political success there will be some tough opposition. They need to keep it to the issues, because voters should not care whether the two candidates like each other.
I think these comments are poignant. Rick and Kay should keep it to the facts and the issues. They obviously do not like each other too much. Great. So what. Tell us about your records, and when necessary about your opponent's record... and tell us what you want to do going forward.

So far Rick has made a better case that his record is worthy of my vote. He has also put out some vision type things for his next term. Kay has not really articulated her record very well, and she has not really spoken about what she would want to do in the future if she somehow wins...

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