Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rick and his realtors...

Paul Burka went over to the Rick Realtor pep rally (link). Excerpt follows...

I attended the governor’s speech to the realtors yesterday. If the Hutchison folks videotaped it, they got an eyeful, and not one that they would have liked. He was greeted with a robust ovation accompanied by the waving of placards that said, “Realtors for Perry.” I was standing outside the room at the time, and it was LOUD, even through closed doors. My summary of the speech, which follows, reflects my notes, not the actual text.

* * * *

Perry knows how to connect with his constituency. Near the beginning of his remarks, he said, “I don’t know how many of you watch Fox News,” and then he dropped his voice a little and said in a knowing tone of voice, “but I suppose most of you do.”


It was a very effective speech. Perry is a polished performer on the stump. He is a formidable politician. He isn’t ready for the national stage yet, but he’s getting close.

Rick is a much better speaker and much better on the stump. That doesn't always mean he is a better "politician" but it does mean he can work a crowd a lot better than Kay. Kay is actually better on TV satellite interviews than Rick, but I think Rick is better in live in studio interviews...

I have been around both, and I think if this does come down to a grassroots town to town rally contest it will not favor Kay at all...

If it is a TV commercial contest it will be a lot closer since her commercials are very good and maybe even better than Rick's.

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