Saturday, October 17, 2009

Embry with a funny top ten list of things overheard at Kay's singles mixer...

Kay's campaign had a singles mixer in Dallas, and Embry sez he sent an undercover reporter (link). Excerpt follows...


(10) “Want to come to my place and watch ‘La Marque: Uncensored?’”

(9) “So which name do you use on Burkablog?”

(8) “Ours could be a classic love story: Purse boy meets girl.”

(7) “Yes, Matt, I saw your Tweet… Wait, are you now Tweeting that I saw your Tweet?”

(6) “We should get a drink in October. Or November. Or January. Or after health care.”

(5) “No, you cannot nibble on my earmark.”

(4) “Brian Newby heard you were here. He called your boss. You’re fired.”

(3) “Which Pi Phi chapter are you from?”

(2) “Drinks are in the fridge. Next to the makeup.”

(1) “The Perry mixer paid better.”

Funny stuff. A few shots and both sides...

Good work Jason...

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