Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kay, give us your ideas.

Kay is finally getting taken to task by a few peeps in the media for not having any actual plans (link). Excerpt follows...
I have more of a problem with Kay Bailey Hutchison's failure to articulate any vision at all on transportation. Her statements on the subject have been overwhemlingly politically opportunistic -- essentially, what she's against -- and scarcely illuminating on what kinds of programs she would put forth. Look at the "issues" section of her campaign website. Instead of stating what she stands for, she asks opinions from the public. And this after identifying transportation as one of her big five issues.
I think eventually the press will catch on that Kay is just sort of trying to capitalize on policy areas where she thinks Rick is vulnerable. She doesn't really have a lot of her own plans or policy initiatives, it is mostly that she opposes what Rick is doing without giving any alternative ways to do things.

She wants to kill toll roads but also won't say whether she is for a higher gas tax. How else then will you do it, Kay?

She wants to have more Tier 1 schools... great... how so?

She wants to do all of these government reform things... even though she has broken her own promises on them many times on term limits and other reform issues.

I think she probably doesn't give a lot of specifics, because none of her specifics would be conservative enough... they would all open her to scrutiny that she doesn't need.

We the voters need that kind of scrutiny though.

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