Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rick's new staffer Tina Benkiser offends the liberal media by bashing Obama...

This was written like it was some sort of faux pas (link). Excerpt follows...

Nearly missed this in my weekend reading: Among the 1,000 or so protesters at Texas A&M on Friday, venting anger and criticism at President Barack Obama, was Tina Benkiser -- who quit this month as state Republican chairwoman to joint Gov. Rick Perry's campaign as a senior adviser.

Obama was in Aggieland to talk up volunteerism with former President George H.W. Bush. I spent some time at the protest site before heading inside security to see their rare joint appearance. Never saw Tina, and apparently I missed out.

As reported by our friends at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Benkiser urged demonstrators to tell "Obama, his Washington, D.C., cronies and the national Democratic Party to crawl back to the left-wing, socialist pit they came from and keep their hands off Texas."

That's pretty strong stuff. Remarkable to hear a prominent Texas Republican with ties to the governor (Perry skipped the Obama/Bush warm fuzzyfest, by the way) stirring up a crowd of conservatives, including many affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

Was Tina off message, or was she doing her job? This doesn't seem at all off base except Rick usually urges people to be careful about bashing Obama personally because he is so likeable and instead hit him on policy differences...

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