Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liberals praising Kay...

The very liberal Washington Monthly blog has a blog up about some bill that passed with 75% of Republicans voting against it (link). Excerpt follows...

The good news is, Franken's measure passed, 68 to 30.

The bad news is, 30 Senate Republicans -- 75% of the entire Republican Senate caucus -- voted against this.

In the comment section, someone sez...
I'm just glad that one Texas Senator had a little bit of sense this time around and voted yea...kudos go to you Kay Bailey Hutchinson. As for Cornyn, he's been a lost and hopeless case for a very long time.
This made me dive into Kay's recent voting record, and she has really been voting with the Democrats a lot lately. I wonder why that is. Doesn't she want to win amongst the Republican electorate? All of these votes that go counter to John Cornyn and with the Democrats undercut her other moves to the right. She just can't help herself.

That being said, Rick's peeps have not seemed to get much traction when they attack her for voting with the Democrats. Maybe it is because they are framing it wrong. They frame it in terms that the reporters look at and go, "Yeah, so? The way she voted makes perfect sense to me, Mr. or Ms. Liberal Reporter." Rick's peeps need to frame it more in terms that make reporters say "Yeah, that is interesting that she keeps voting against her fellow Texas GOP senator and with the Democrats. That seems newsworthy. I'll investigate and write about that."

A little tweak in how you frame these things could go a long way, guys.

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