Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Huge list of mostly Dems running for governor...

It seems like everyone and their dog is running for governor on the Democrat side, although none of them are powerhouses...

The Fort Worth Business Press wrote about this and has a list of candidates who have filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission (link). Excerpt follows...

Gubernatorial candidates filed

with the Texas Ethics Commission

Felix Alvarado

David W. Carpenter

Francis “Fran” L. Cavanaugh

Jeffrey Joseph “Jeff” Daiell

Richard S. “Kinky” Friedman

Henry “Hank” Gilbert

Clement Glenn

Curtis Wayne “Tank” Hartfield

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Larry S. Kilgore

John Koo-Hyun Kim

William C. “Bill” Lawrence

Debra Medina

Steven S. “Steve” Nichols

Rick Perry

Kenneth Richardson

John Roland Ross

Leslie J. “Less” Sanderfer III

Tom Schieffer

Farouk Shami

Mark P. Thompson

*Filed as of Oct. 8.

Bunch of jokers compared to Rick and Kay.

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