Monday, October 5, 2009

Kay continues drawing weak crowds...

Kay was in Corpus Christi recently with moderate State Representative Todd Hunter on Saturday, and she drew two dozen people to an event, half of whom were the staff of a facility she was touring (link). Excerpt follows...
— U.S. Senator and gubernatorial candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison told about two dozen people gathered in an open garage Saturday at BC Equipment Sales that the proposed health care reform will overly tax businesses and families who can’t afford it.


State Rep. Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, introduced Hutchison. About half of the group was employees at BC Equipment Sales.
Not to get off track here but Todd is not exactly the belle of the conservative ball. He ranks very badly on the Empower Texans scale for example. I have worked with him on a few projects before and he just is not a true believer in the conservative movement. I'll leave it at that. Now back to the weak crowd issue.

Let's face it Kay is not very compelling but she is very good on television... I think Kay is the kind of candidate who needs to be on TV constantly. Rick does best with personal contact with people. He does well on television too but he can really fire up and win over a crowd... Kay doesn't have that kind of appeal.

Still I think the weak crowds for Kay continue to show that Kay is not really catching fire amongst grassroots Republicans.

Here is a pic forwarded to me three times over from a Rick person who sent one of his peeps to one of Kay's recent events in W. Texas...

Pretty weak sauce...

Now Kay might claim she didn't want big crowds at any of these events, but why have so many chairs set up if that is the case?

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