Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kay's confusing positions on campaign finance reform...

Rick's peeps put out this video showing Kay flip flopping like a pancake at a Baptist breakfast fund raiser on the issue of campaign finance limits.

Really a stunning about face. How in God's green earth do you say that limits go against everything freedom in a democracy stands for but then end up supporting them anyway.

Jason Embry bonks again in insinuating that the video is somehow taken out of context (link). If anything, Rick's peeps should have cut it more. There are too many extraneous words in there. They could and should have cut the clip from 1996 to just say the critical words, not all that stuff about the "overriding reason I am voting against cloture on this bill..." They should have also cut up the statement from 2009. There is way too much stuff that diminishes the shock value of the flip and the flop. They could have taken this video from 90 seconds down to 60 seconds which also makes it much more watchable and effective.

Jason Embry's hinting that the video might be taken out of context is just lazy echo chamber media bubble stuff. R.G. Ratcliffe was the first to post the video yesterday, and he was strangely skeptical of it (link)... then Jason Embry just kind of agreed with his flawed initial assessment.

This has to be one of the clearer and unmistakeable flip flops either side has put out. She said one thing. Then said another that directly and unequivocally contradicts the first thing. Rick's peeps are either amateurish video editors or they went out of their way to include a bunch of her speeches so as not take it out of context. I think it may be a little of both. Next time go for the jugular and don't include any links that nobody will follow anyway... the media clearly won't give you guys any credit for including context. Just hammer her next time. She deserves it.

For that matter, why did Rick's peeps save these videos for one reporter before sending it out broadly? I don't get their strategy there. Makes no sense given how these media peeps seem to be rooting against your guy without much subtlety. You have this big social media following, but you are still relying on the mainstream media to be your messenger? Just go around them next time.

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  1. "there shouldn't be the impression that people can buy their way in for the governor to be able to meet with people"

    She's right, but that impression is caused by the one receiving the contribution, not the one giving it. Rick and Kay are both guilty of that.


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