Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rick appoints first Latina to Texas Supreme Court...

Rick appointed Justice Eva M. Guzman as the first Hispanic female to the Supreme Court (link). Excerpt follows...
HOUSTON – Gov. Rick Perry today appointed Appellate Justice Eva M. Guzman of Cypress as the first Hispanic female to serve on the Supreme Court of Texas for a term to expire at the next general election.

“Justice Guzman is known throughout legal circles as a strict constructionist with an unmatched work ethic, and has demonstrated a proven record of sound jurisprudence,” Gov. Perry said. “I am proud to appoint this principled, conservative judge as the first Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court of Texas.”
Congratulations to her. I don't know much about her, but I would be pleased if she is anything like Wallace Jefferson, the first African American justice, also one of Rick's appointees.

Rick has a surprisingly good track record for appointing minorities to high up positions in Texas government.

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