Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10th amendment and responsibility for governing Texas...

RedState has a thoughtful blog about all of this secession states rights stuff, and Rick's place in it (link). Excerpts follow...

Texas Governor Rick Perry – like all other Governors – has a responsibility to protect the interests of the people of his state. It should come as no surprise, then, that he endorsed a resolution in the Texas legislature supporting states’ rights under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


Following the Governor’s rejection of a small portion of the so-called “stimulus” money, this next step was a nice rhetorical statement – and combined, they represent a useful little shot across the bow. The next steps, however, will be the critical ones.

Governor Perry and his team in Austin now have an opportunity to really make an impact – and to lead Texas forward by circumventing, minimizing and at times fighting, the destructive policies coming out of Washington. The Governor should take several affirmative steps to move forward substantively, and in so doing, help to lead not just Texas, but the nation back to freedom and prosperity.

The blog goes on to list some ideas that could push this 10th amendment from mere political stunt to a substantive and productive contribution. I hope everyone on Rick's team is reading it and considering doing some of those things. I recommend reading the entire blog (link).

The blog concludes...

Some might say Governor Perry is engaging in a naked political effort to set up a fight with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for 2010. Perhaps. But so what? It’s correct isn’t it? She is of Washington – in every way you can imagine… an appropriator who has been a part of the spiraling growth of the national government. Governor Perry is of Texas.

And he has had an impressive track record… the Texas economy is relatively strong given the times and Texas is, generally speaking, a great place to live. While Washington is making things worse and talking in circles… Governor Perry is doing the right thing – carrying out his responsibility to govern. He can take Texas – and by extension with like-minded peers, America – forward with a little hard work and by following his instincts to protect Texas and Texans first and foremost…

Let's hope Rick and his team get serious about this effort. Maybe Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, Haley Barbour, and Sarah Palin will join in to assert that the federal government is overreaching and it's time to give back a lot of power to the states.

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  1. On the other hand, what would we have thought if California had, say, said the same thing during the Bush administration and picked and chose on which issues they collaborate with the federal government?

    Remember the outcry when Angelides suggested he would withdraw the CA National Guard from Iraq (which he had no power to do btw) had he beaten Schwarzenegger in 06?

    Once again, be careful what Pandora's box you are opening here. I am a faithful American in good and bad times.


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