Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rick's 10th amendment press conference goes viral...

Last week Rick stood in the Capitol with some legislators and spoke out in favor of a resolution (HCR 50) that would assert Texas' sovereignty under the 10th amendment. I am not sure it has much in the way of teeth, but it has fired up a lot of people.

Today it got linked on the Drudge Report (link), and it has exploded all over the internet, including Twitter and now talk radio. Glenn Beck apparently talked about it for much of the morning on his radio show (he has a radio show?), and a reader tells me it was also on Rush Limbaugh. I think it is safe to say that Rick's anti-federal point has been delivered... and heard loud and clear.

The actual press conference is found here... (link). It is also suddenly very, very big on YouTube...

On Twitter, do some searches of "Rick Perry" or "Gov Perry" or "Texas Governor" and it is crazy how many people TODAY are talking about a press conference from LAST THURSDAY that you could have read about LAST WEEK here on Rick vs. Kay (link).

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