Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kay at a women's luncheon stays mum on gov plans...

Kay spoke last night to a State Department dinner for emerging female leaders from around the world (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison did not respond to mention of talk that she will run for governor of Texas in 2010-- though the mention did get an interested "ooooh" from the crowd of about 200 women seated in the elegant Benjamin Franklin room at the department.

Hutchison did tell a few jokes, on behalf of the sisterhood of the Senate. Like how at a fitness program on Capitol Hill, an instructor told the group to raise their arms and bend at the waist and one Senator, then Congresswoman, responded that if she had a waist she wouldn't be there.

"The women in the Senate do have some light times. We don't agree on issues many, many of the times. But we do come together on supporting women's issues in other countries," Hutchison told the group, citing women's health issues as an example.

Hutchison, the only woman ever elected to represent Texas in the Senate and one of 17 women members there, also mentioned work in Congress for girls' education in Afghanistan.

Why would Kay not respond? Surely she is not having second thoughts about running, right?

Channel 9 in East Texas adds (link)...

"I am certainly in the planning stages to run for Governor, very excited about it. Really so much support and I feel like it's going to be a go," Hutchison said.

She said hopefully this summer they will be able to make the final formal announcement.

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