Friday, April 24, 2009

Sean Hannity endorses Rick??

One of Rick's crew sent an audio file and later this video with this message (link)...
"sounds like an endorsement, no?"

Rick made an interesting tweet too (link)...

Sean continues to stand up for conservative values....and our reelection, I might add!!!

Rick also went on Hannity's radio show earlier this week and Hannity endorsed him over Kay on the air. I can't post just the audio but I have heard it and it sounds legit.

The transcript (link)...

Perry: “I greatly appreciate you standing up and endorsing my candidacy for governor. Come on down to Texas any time, brother.”

Hannity: “Well we appreciate it governor. Thanks for being with us. Geraldo’s a good guy, but I was trying to explain to him — but he’s also supporting Kay Bailey Hutchison.”

Perry: “True, he’s on the wrong side of that thing. But you know what, if I gotta pick between Sean Hannity and Geraldo, I’m going to stick with you every day.”

I report. You decide.

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