Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How does the Specter party flip change the Rick vs. Kay dynamics?

As GOP 12 has noted (link), Rick has already been making the case that it makes no sense for Kay to resign from the Senate and potentially give Democrats a filibuster proof majority...
"I still tell people I don't understand why we would want to spend $40 million in a primary and give (Republicans) a chance of losing a Senate seat in Washington when it's on the verge of being filibuster-proof. So what sense does that make?"
Does Arlen Specter's resignation undercut that argument, or does it underscore it? Do Big John Cornyn and other GOP movers and shakers now go to Kay and tell her that she has to stay in the Senate for the good of America?

How will the Franken/Coleman recount play into all of this? With 60 seats Democrats will be able to cram socialism down our throats and there is almost nothing we can do about it. The urgency level just went way up for Republicans.

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