Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roundup of recent blog coverage of Rick and Kay...

The Hill's Congress blog seems to have an entry from Rick himself, unless maybe they just took one of his speeches and turned it into what looks like an op-ed (link).

The right side of life blogs about the 10th amendment press conference (link). rips the mainstream media for missing the boat on all of this Rick 10th amendment stuff (link).

Dayna Steele has a blog totally unrelated to the sovereignty hubbub, and takes note of Rick's penchant for calling Twitter "Tweeter" (link).

Jason Embry says that Rick is basking the glow of the conservative media (link).

Politics and Critical Thinking blog informs the reader that Texas is NOT the first state to try this. Oklahoma already did it last summer (link).

The blog called just a regular guy has a basic overview of what is going on (link).

Geo-Hill says it makes his Texas-born, Texas-bred heart proud (link).

Texas Governor Search is not buying it all, and says people should go for fringe candidate Debra Medina instead (link).

"As I see it" blogs that this is really a Rick versus Barack issue (link).

It is hard to keep up with all of the blogs on this subject. Keep coming back to Rick vs. Kay for more.

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