Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rick and the gaming community...

Last week Rick signed the movie and gamer tax breaks to lure filmmakers and game developers to Texas. There is a lot of buzz in the gaming world about his move.

VG247 has a post praising Rick for the move (link). On joystiq.com, there is a long string of comments about the move. A Californian on that site gets swamped by a bunch of pro Rick Texan lovers. They even made the anti Rick Californian's comments look faded, probably through some sort of voting process. A sampling of the "pwnage" follows...

First, a couple of the comments from the Californian...

N-zero @ Apr 25th 2009 4:23PM

Who the hell takes Texans seriously any ways I mean everyone knows their shit compared to Californians. Its cause were the shit lol


N-zero @ Apr 25th 2009 5:12PM

You clearly don't know anything about economics if your citing California's economy. Sure California's economy might not be fairing well but so is the rest of the United States. Also just to inform you California is one of the top economies in the World, if it was its' own country than California would be marked tenth worldwide but that number might be different now since that was in 2007 but Texas doesn't even come close to that lol. I think Texas was marked at 15 still good but not as good as California lol

Then the onslaught begins...

Matt_M @ Apr 25th 2009 5:16PM

Yeah, and the Titanic was one of the top ships in the world, but it still sunk. If your state's on the verge of bankruptcy, STFU.

MariusElijah (Only on PlayStation 3) @ Apr 25th 2009 5:17PM

yeah that was 2007, our state isn't going bankrupt like yours

LaughingTarget @ Apr 25th 2009 7:30PM

California used to be called the 5th largest economy in the world. It's slipped to the 10th. The key advantage of this is California's population, based on a per-capita calculation, California is somewhere in the middle of the pack of US states. It may produce a lot, but only because it's a big state, not because there's something special about doing business in California. Cali used to have a good business environment, but through major tax increases to cover all the social services the state wants to offer, it is no longer considered a business friendly environment and is losing businesses. California has gone from a tax donor state (a state that pays more Federal taxes than recieves in benefits) to a tax recipient state over this timeframe as well as has a 10.1% unemployment rate.

Texas, on the other hand, has had an economy that has grown faster than California's and during this economic "crisis", seems to be weathering quite well. Texas is still a tax donor state and has a low unemployment rate of 6.7%.

Of course Texas is angry. States like California, which burden themselves and by proxy, the nation, with stupid laws, regulations, taxes and "services", are making it hard for Texas to function. Since TX isn't getting hammered like everyone else, they'll be bound to foot a greater and greater percentage of the budget, which predominantly goes to states that are not called Texas but are called New York or California.

California was a great place, 30 years ago. Today it's a huge mess and a prime example of what not to do on a national level but what America is going to do anyway.

Prodigy @ Apr 25th 2009 5:17PM

I love it, people come in here thinking they're better than Texans yet they themselves post barbaric comments. Oh the irony...

kaiserin @ Apr 25th 2009 7:33PM

Hello 11.2% unemployment rate as of March 09,

How is Nancy Pelosi doing?

6.7% unemployment rate as of March 09.

PS. Keep your California refugees out of Austin / SA / DFW / Houston.

PPS. Earthquakes, can you has them?

haryo @ Apr 25th 2009 7:28PM

Here is a Governor that is actually promoting and even SUPPORTING the game industry and most of the posts here are actually attacking him!

Contrast this Texas Gov to those attempts to tax or regulate content in the games from Rep. Robert Billiot in Louisiana,to the Seirra Club in New Mexico, to Steve Samuelson in Pennsylvania, to Hillary Clinton's taxing campaign, to those Bureaucrats in the UK that want to turn games into eco-edu-tainment... I'd think you people would be happy...

Did I miss something?

Diskoboy7 @ Apr 25th 2009 8:03PM

Let's see... He's a Republican "space cadet" Governor.

And let's see - you're just a retarded liberal on a website about video games, with a bad picture, to match...


Who knew video game people were such fiscal conservatives?


  1. They both suck vote for Kinky!

  2. Perry has been very good to us, which explains why Texas has the fastest growth of video game development companies in America. I am pulling 30% more of my guys from the W. Coast over to Austin in the next 2 year period.


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