Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Citizens Against Government Waste adds Kay to their Pig Book for 2009...

Not a good contrast for Kay today. While Rick is off drinking tea with the anti-tax revelers and getting an unholy amount of free media coverage for his support of a 10th amendment resolution (link), Kay was named by Citizens Against Government Waste in its annual Pig Book (link).

Texas on the Potomac blog has the details (link), as follows...

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Dallas, got dinged today for successfully wangling $2 million for the Lyndon Baines Johnson presidential library in Austin and $500,000 for the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation in Houston to create "a virtual space community for students."

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste - an anti-spending organization in Washington, D.C. -- listed Hutchison's spending measures in the organization's annual compilation of so-called pork-barrel projects known as "The Pig Book."


The organization cited Hutchison, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, for the earmark spending for the LBJ library that went beyond the $2.9 million the facility receives under regular federal spending measures.

The $2 million she helped arrange was part of $41.5 million set aside to benefit the presidential libraries of three prominent Democrats - the LBJ library, the John F. Kennedy library in Boston; and the Franklin D. Roosevelt library in Hyde Park, N.Y.

The $500,000 obtained by Hutchison for the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation will help the facility extend space-learning opportunities to teachers, students and youth organizations with web casting, two-way videoconferencing and the internet.

The inclusion of Hutchison in "The Pig Book" comes as she readies her campaign for governor of Texas in 2010.

The full Pig Book has more of the porky details (link)...

These are the kinds of days that will sink Kay's campaign. A string of days like today will really cut into (and maybe reverse) her probable 6 point lead over Rick. From the looks of it, Kay is not speaking at any of the tax revolt tea party rallies tomorrow, and Rick is speaking at 3 of them. Why is Kay not better plugged into this stuff? The GOP grassroots is/are angry and fired up, and they are desperately seeking someone to emerge as the person who stands up and speaks on their behalf in opposition to President Obama. Rick is far from winning everyone over, but from the traffic on blogs and on Twitter, Rick is grabbing that "voice of the opposition to Obama" mantle in the view of a lot of conservative activists.


  1. does she even support the 10th admendment?

  2. Once again, this blogger shows his bias with this post. How would one even think to put together Perry’s support of the 10th amendment and earmarks? Earmarks (especially these) have nothing to do with federalism! Does this blogger fail to understand that the National Archives (which operates the presidential libraries) and NASA are both FEDERAL agencies? Plus, has this blogger considered that maybe KBH is just fighting for Texans’ fair share of the federal pie? Funding for the LBJ library and NASA sound like worthwhile projects that will benefit the local economies of Austin and Houston. Why not also mention KBH getting millions of dollars for TX border security and post-Ike clean-up?

  3. He is showing bias by stonewalling on some of KBH's votes from April 2. Why still no post on that disastrous series of liberal votes? I've sent you the links. Just post them!

  4. People need to just simmer down.

    I did post a blog about Kay and border security here... http://rickvskay.blogspot.com/2009/04/kay-co-sponsors-border-security-bill.html

    Also, I put up a blog about Kay and post-Ike cleanup here... http://rickvskay.blogspot.com/2009/04/kay-gives-300-thousand-dollars-to.html

    I will get to a blog about April 2 votes when I get to it. Just chill people.


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