Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bobby Jindal in Texas... Rick hosting...

Wayne Slater reporting that Rick attended a fundraiser in Austin today for Bobby Jindal (link). Excerpt follows...
Rick Perry attended a noon fundraiser today for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in Austin, strenghtening ties with one of the GOP's conservative stars. The event at the Driskill Hotel was closed to the public -- I was specifically told to go away -- and designed to give Republican money-types an opportunity to spend some private time with Jindal and Perry. The Louisiana governor is a favorite of the party's social conservatives, as is Alaska Gov. Sara Palin, who has endorsed Perry's reelection. Perry is working overtime wooing religious conservatives in his race for the GOP nomination next March against Kay Bailey Hutchison.
I wonder who told Wayne specifically to go away... the Driskill? Rick's people? Jindal's people?

One correction for Mr. Slater, who usually gets it A+ correct... I think Jindal is a hero among fiscal conservatives too, not just social conservatives. Maybe moreso among fiscal conservatives in some ways.

A lobbyist at lunch today let one of my tipster see a copy of an invitation with Bobby Jindal's "Friends of Bobby Jindal" letterhead listing Rick as an "event co-chair" along with Comptroller Susan Combs. The lunch was a thousand dollars I think, a little more for private reception... she didn't let him keep the invite, so this is third hand information. Take those numbers with a grain of salt.

The more important question is whether Bobby Jindal is prepared to endorse Rick or even just help him raise money in return, which would be the same as an endorsement.

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