Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rick's constituent correspondence favors UI decision 2-1...

The Houston Chronicle did an open records request to check out Rick's frequent claim that the mail his office has received regarding his UI decision favored the decision 2-1. It turns out he wasn't BS-ing (link). Excerpt follows...

It was just one of about 4,300 comments that flooded into the governor’s in-box after he announced last month that Texas would oppose any change to unemployment laws necessary to accept $555 million in federal stimulus money.

The flea curse was among the milder notations from a Plano resident receiving $211 a week in unemployment benefits. It was typical of the often-emotional outpouring concerning Perry’s decision, announced one month ago amid a flurry of state and national publicity.

The letters, e-mails and a tally of phone calls were released by the Governor’s Office in response to a public information request. Perry’s decision was favored 2-to-1 by those who weighed in.

“We will not be bound by the suffocating government regulations which will alter our way of life and attempt to destroy our spirit!” said a Magnolia woman in an impassioned e-mail.

The Texas Senate has reacted as well, giving tentative approval Thursday to a bill that defies Perry’s position by expanding unemployment benefits to draw down the federal dollars. A final vote is expected next week.

Be careful when you send a letter to your politician of choice. Your words may end up in the public record for all to see.

This particular case study is interesting because it shows that Rick's decision to reject some of the Obama stimulus money may be total inside baseball to some people, but among those who care about it there is far more passion from fans of Rick's team. Rick's supporters on this are like the Cameron Crazies. They aren't large in number, but they are indeed dedicated and passionate. The other side might be more like UT's baskeball fans... there are a lot of them, but they don't always show up, and when they do they tend to sit on their hands.

What other sports analogies can I force into this blog?

UPDATED at 5:49 in the evening...

I am not literally calling Rick's supporters "crazy." I just mean that they are more passionate. I just wanted to clear that up. Also, you can read the lengthy record of correspondence for yourself at the Texas Politics blog (link).

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  1. Hey get a life, don't you TX Senior Spender backers have some wine and chesse soiree to attend? Every time you try and marginalize common sense voters who support Perry you show your bias, your elitism will win no elections this time either.
    and if you think the campaign is rough now? You have not seen anything yet remember two things, butt licker. Oh I mean boot licker, or rather purse licker. Ronnie Earle and Steve Bartlett.


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